Dublin Bay Prawn Festival

The Dublin Bay Prawn Festival is one of the most anticipated events in my calendar. Granted, I have only actually been there twice, but I actually think it has only been running for two years (please correct me if I am wrong). Prawns, Howth, sun and beer, whats not to like? I went on Sunday with a group of friends and its was PACKED, jammed, wedged and any other synonym you can think of for full! It helped that the weather was amazing - bright, warm sunlight and not a cloud in the sky - bliss.

I love Howth at the best of times and its natural charisma is only enhanced with the prawn festival. It attracts many different cultures and demographics (mainly Spanish from what I could see). The buggy brigade was out in force, also dog walkers, hikers, tourists and Sunday drinkers (us!).

To the prawns, oh the prawns! I had them in a quesadilla, in batter, in a paella, in a curry, in a taco, naked in the shell, in a salad and in fishcakes! Note I didn't munch all these myself, I had a little help (not a lot, but still..)

The only negative aspect of this amazing festival is the way you have to use prawns punts to buy a drink. I think the prawn punts are a good idea for the food although for a fiver, some of the portions were a little small, but for the drinks I think this is too much. Five quid for a pint of beer might be the norm for matches in stadiums and concerts but for a little community festival in Howth, I think this is too inflated. Why not just have a regular cash bar and reserve the prawn punts for the food, after all they aren't called 'pint' punts.

That being said, have a look below at all the delicious prawny products and I defy you not to start planing your trip to the festival next year.
Prawn Quesadilla
Pricey Beer
Fish n Chips
Dublin Bay Prawns
Prawn Curry
Fishcakes and Prawn Taco
Seaweed Salad

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