Black Pudding and Cabbage Mash

This isn't really a recipe but rather a new creation. I'm not going to patronise you by telling you how to make mashed potato - you surely kno, right? If not, this Nigel Slater recipe is the best I've found. I wanted to jazz up spuds for a Sunday roast and seeing as it was St Patricks weekend, chucked black pudding and sautéed savoy cabbage into my mash. The result? You've guessed it a complete fecking taste explosion! This is not the prettiest thing you will make but the taste is worth it. Tip - the more butter the better!

  • Grill some (depends on taste) black pudding slices, let cool slightly then crumble with fingers into freshly mashed potatoes.
  • Add finely shredded sautéed savoy cabbage, salt and pepper.
  • Combine well and sever with an extra dollop of butter.
I served this mash with roasted pork belly and roasted carrots and parsnips but I imagine it would also be awesome with white fish.

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