Dublin's Latest Food Trend - A Killer Sandwich

Bringing my lunch in during the week coupled with also not eating bread makes me very very (sadly) excited for my Friday lunch. Killer Sandwich have obviously realised this gap in the market for the indulgent Friday luncher who throws caution to the wind and feasts on whatever their hearts desire.

The concept is simple a fuck off (their words) sandwich every week, order it on a Wednesday through Twitter (how very trendy) and pick it up on Friday.  The sandwiches themselves are awesome and they use local breads and ingredients.  The first one I got was beef to the heel which featured a TAYTO crumb, yes tayto it was heavenly (I am a big believer of adding crisps to a sambo for extra crunch) Last week's one was just as spectacular with a special shout out to the gorgeous onion vlaa from Arun bakery.  Check out this promo video from the Irish Times that my goofy face appears in (cringe, I basically said the same thing twice)

Great concept, great food, great people, get yours at @akillersandwich

Beef to the Heel

The Roy Keane

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