Foodie Guide to London

I returned from London nearly two weeks ago, but am only now feeling up to writing about it.  Never in my life have I been so physically and mentally WRECKED from a weekend.  We went on the October Bank Holiday weekend, my lovely friend had gotten the trip for me as a birthday present.  Arriving at Dublin airport at 7pm we proceeded to neck a bottle of prosecco to get us into the mood for the trip.  We finally arrived at our destination in Clapham at 12, we were staying with my friend's friend who also had necked a bottle of prosecco and had to be woken up to open the door!

It might be worth noting that this was my first trip to London.  It seems like such an anomaly, I have been to most European capital cities, New York over half a dozen times but never made the short trip across the pond to London.  When I inform people of this fact they react (mostly) shocked and surprised "YOU haven't been to London, like YOU of all people would love it" I've been hearing this for so long that London had big boots to fill.

We had a jam packed itinerary which mostly consisted of eating and drinking which suited me just fine, I did insist that I wanted to see some touristy things and I was reassured that they had been included in the plan.

I could go in dept into everything that we saw, ate and drank but the fact is that we jammed SO much into the weekend that I would be here all day.

So without further ado here are a roundup of my London experiences. ( I LOVED them all)

Strolling down Northcote Road, popping into Gail's for a mini salmon and avocado roll and a camomile tea to start the day. 
Tasty Delights in Gails

Halloween Treats in Gails

Checking out these colourful beauties in Jamie's Recipease store on Northcote Rd.


Walking from Clapham through Battersea park on on to Chelsea where we picked up these bad boys..

Borris Bikes
Yes I did fear for my life at points - our tour guide (friend who we were staying with) is a menace on the roads - just trying to keep up was stressful but it was a great way to get around and I got to see loads and a great way to burn off all the extra calories. 

Lunch in Nicole Fahris, Notting Hill.  Definitely one of my favourite experiences, I was having menu anxiety but when I informed our friendly waiter that I was slightly hungover (the prosecco from the night before) he immediately told me the was only one cure for it - the kedgeree.  Am I glad he suggested this; it was a creamy, warming, spicy bowl of goodness that stuck to my ribs and regenerated me for the next leg of our mammoth bike trip.

Well there was to be a little more regeneration to be done before we got back on the bikes, in the form of dessert from Ottolenghi's.  We got it to take away and it washed down with a bottle of prosecco in the local pub, I know, we don't half love ourselves!

This is how we do it
Lemon Marscapone Tart and Chocolate Peanut Butter Smore
After all the touristy stuff and still (moderately) full of energy, we were taken to Brixton Village Market for dinner.  By night Brixton market houses tons of quirky pop-up restaurants and bars.   The place was literally buzzing and is definitely a foodie's mecca.  We ate at KaoSarn a Thai place in the market, it was certainly an experience - my mouth has never burned like it! Cheap as chips and BYO which was a good thing considering I drank so much wine to calm my flaming tongue.  We finished off the night at Hootanannys because we are gluttons for punishment.  Yes my friends all this was done in ONE day.
The Full Veggie
Brunch the next day was in Ben's Canteen in Clapham, I opted for the full veggie which was good and if you Instagram a photo of your food you get a free Bloody Mary - nice!
Band in Columbia Road Market
Next was the two-day camel trek out to Columbia Road Flower Market, which, in fairness was worth it.   We browsed the shops, listened to a band then yep , you've guessed it ate again.

This time it was a gloriously large seafood platter from this little place that was so tiny that I forget the name.  It wasn't on the menu but our friends had had it there before so we chanced our arm and the staff were happy to oblige. 
                                             Food Trucks Shoreditch

Street Art in Shoreditch (he looks how I felt after London!)

We walked from Columbia Road to the Hipsters Paradise that is Shoreditch, I could have stayed here all weekend, the atmosphere was electric and it will be top of the list for my return trip(s)
Hair of the dog
The weekend was finished with a little night cap in in Draft House Clapham - its a dogs life but someone's got to do it.  I'm actually knackered after writing this piece.  London you have my heart and you nearly had my life but I love you.

Obligatory Tourist Shot

Pretty much sums up the weekend


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