Taste of Dublin

Well I made it through; 30 days of eating clean, no sugar, grains, dairy or alcohol and I actually did it! I'm not going to bore you with the health benefits and insist you do it yourself, just know this it works and I feel fantastic.  What better way to reward yourself after eating like a saint for 30 days than a trip to Taste of Dublin to indulge a little after living so parsimoniously.

We arrived for the 5.30 session on Saturday evening.  After a few brief tantrums the sun decided to grace us with its presence and as we walked in the gates it shone brightly - yes!

Did I mention that I haven't drank alcohol in 30 days? Yes its been long but actually surprisingly ok! That being said a glass of delicious prosecco was the first order of business for the day.  The prossecco complimented the scallops that I had from Brasserie Le Pont perfectly.  Beautifully cooked scallops with black pudding, artichoke puree and carmelised apple - I could have eaten ten of them!

Next it was time to wander around the stalls and take in the atmosphere. The organisers outdid themselves again this year as the whole event buzzed with food passion and good humor.  As we walked in we were entertained by a choral group singing uplifting tunes to put everyone in the festival mood. There were bean bags strewn around the vast lawns and everyone seemed so relaxed - a definite plus in my book for any festival.  Peckish again it was time to sample some tuna tostados from Diep Le Shaker.  These Asian beauties were the perfect balance of salty and sour and crunch, a thrill for the taste buds.

The theme of the day was defiantly fish and I only realised when I got home and looked at my pictures that every dish I picked was fish! Some of the other folks in my company had sow braised beef and I remember seeing some chicken curry but for me it was all about the fish.  I had heard about Rock Lobster and had been looking forward to sampling some lobster- that was until I went to the stand and saw the biggest queue for any stand there - was it worth it? I weighed it up in my mind and decided to go for it and thank GOD I did. The lobster roll was heaven, a warm butter roll filled with juicy lobster mayonnaise (washed down with a glass of Pinot Gringo obvs).  My friend had the half lobster and here she is embracing it!

Finally as if all the food wasn't enough I finished with a shared cone of Fish & Chips from Dylan which was exceptional, the fish tender and juicy and the chips hot and salty.  After 30 days of eating clean I feel I have learned so much about nutrition and how food is so vital to being healthy that I can safely say that grains, dairy and sugar are going to be off the menu 90% of the time.  In saying that its days like Taste of Dublin where pushing the boat out and enjoying good food and drink are vital (for me) for a fulfilled social and culinary life. (plus its boring being good all the time!)

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