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I am sorry to have been so quiet lately, loads of boring reasons that I'm sure no one wants to hear about! Never fail, I have been eating and drinking the CRAP out it it pretty consistently in my absence. Which brings me to my new challenge.  A Whole30 Challenge to be exact.  What is the Whole30 I hear you ask? Basically its a super strict 30 day food elimination 'challenge' that promises to nutritionally reset your body and 'change you life' (!)

Read more about the Whole30 here

So what can't I have? Everything really! Ok not everything but on the plan you have to eliminate grains, dairy, sugar, alcohol (I know!), soy and legumes, just pretty much everything fun!

 I turned 30 this year so I decided to take this challenge as part of my '30 Bucket List' and obviously to loose weight BUT the main reason I wanted to do it was to challenge myself not to drink for 30 days.  Like most of my friends, I am a bit of a wino and like nothing more that relaxing with a crisp cold glass of savvy darling! What is nicer?! Now I knew this was going to be hard as weekends seems to have drinking programmed into them, ESPECIALLY in the Summer with gigs, BBQ's and impromptu sunny sessions.

Let me tell you something...its actually grand! To be honest its really all in your head and once you turn down your first glass of wine its easy to do it over and over again.  Ok I'm only on day 11, I should'nt speak so soon.

Food wise its been fine, I eat three meals a day of whole, unprocessed food, I'm never hungry and the sugar cravings are a thing of the past.  The only thing I miss is the spontaneity of deciding to go out for lunch/eat a tangle twister in the sun/have a treat at the movies. Its all about planning, I need to know what food I'm bringing to work and I need to know what I'm going to have for dinner.  Luckily there are plenty for great paleo/whole30 blogs and recipes around to keep things from getting boring.  I hope to post some more of the stuff I've been eating and also prove that living like this isn't THAT much of a hardship.

Here's an example of a recent dinner, BBQ pork chop, root vegetable mash and courgette leek and spinach with garlic.

Example of eating for one day

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