Object of my Affection

This is not really a blog post more like an expression of desire.  I love skulls for some reason, can't get enough of them, even have a sugar skull tattoo on my leg! If that's not dedication I don't know what is.  I don't know where this love came from, I'm not a goth, just have a love of all things skull .   Add that passion to another passion of mine, kitchenware and what have you got; my latest obsession this Kitchen Aid.  I could literally spend hours browsing the kitchenware department rather than any clothes shop, I actually get excited about new gadgets like my latest grater which shreds cabbage perfectly and effortlessly for home-made cabbage!!! (sad, i know). Anyway how amazing is this Kitchen Aid? I WANT it! I will know I have arrived when two things happen: 1. I can do my grocery shopping in M&S and 2. I own this Kitchen Aid

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