Scrambled eggs with TRITzo

After a very stressful morning which I won’t get into…. Ok then you’ve persuaded me; my car (new car by the way, well not new but new to me, 02) wouldn’t start; we jumped it, that lasted for a few miles then it just died.  An amateur diagnosis was given; the alternator was broken, it was not going anywhere and would have to be towed home.  I don’t know if any of you have ever been towed before, I hadn’t and quite frankly it’s a bit terrifying!  You’ve being pulled by a vehicle in front, you have to steer the car like you are driving but your brakes seize and you’ve no control of the accelerator!  It’s like using cruise control but you have no way of taking it off.  The journey back home was a stress inducing nightmare and I’m NOT being dramatic!!  The tow rope broke no less than 5 times! Every time it snapped the whole experience became more traumatic, and the hazard lights wouldn’t even work on my car so we had to hang a high-viz vest out the back of the car, nice! When we finally got to my town I dipped down in my seat slightly ashamed.

When we finally got home it was after 11, the whole debacle had started at 9 and we were starving!  I felt lucky to be alive and waited to celebrate my living status with a decent breakfast.  I looked in the fridge and saw the tritzo aka chorizo but we call it tritzo as a little joke. Everyone has problems pronouncing it, whether they go with the Spanish the silent ch or else they over annunciate the izo, it’s just all a bit confusing.  So our joke is to pretend we are totally ignorant and pronounce it like tritzo it also save the embarrassment of pronouncing it wrong! I knew I wanted eggs so I decided on a kind of Spanish/Mexican version with coriander and chilli.  This experiment resulted in a success that I had to share as it was so tasty and a bit of a change from the usual scrambled eggs.  It also was satisfying and uplifting after my traumatic morning!

Scrambled eggs with Chorizo

Serves 2
5 eggs
75g Chorizo
1 green chilli
Bunch of coriander
Splash of milk
Salt and freshly cracked black pepper
2 tortilla wraps to serve

Cube the chorizo making sure the pieces are quite small; dice the chilli, leaving in the seeds if you prefer the heat.
Heat a non-stick pan and add the chorizo, there is no need to add any fat.  Cook for around 5 minutes then drain the chorizo with kitchen paper, you will be shocked at the amount of fat that is rendered out.
Clean this pan then add a slash of olive oil to the pan and sauté the chilli for a few minutes, while you are doing this beat the eggs with a little milk and salt and pepper.
Add the butter to the pan, lower the heat and add the eggs, when the eggs begin to firm gently stir them until you reach the consistency of soft scrambled eggs, take off the heat, add the chorizo and chopped coriander.
Serve with a tortilla wrap on the side and some salsa.

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