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I haven’t blogged in a while, I’m not going to come up with excuses I’m simply going to say that the last three weeks I have been lacking inspiration for this blog.  Don’t get me wrong I have had many wonderful meals, God forbid I actually deprive myself and have cooked a number of taste explosions just none of them excited me enough to blog about.  Any other food bloggers read this? Do you get the same thing? Now every meal you have/dish you make people ask you “are you gonna blog about this?” Then you feel pressure to take pictures of every meal in CASE you blog about it and then your phone’s memory is full with said pictures but you’re afraid to delete them IN CASE you blog about them!, Oh the anxiety!!

 So I’m just going to talk about my garden; I have recently become the proud owner of 4 and a half raised beds, a fence and a gate, I love it.  I have been talking about this for ages and wanted to do it and it has finally happened.  It started slowly with pots of herbs last year, then I got a mushroom growing kit for my birthday (They have just sprouted – the excitement!), then it was garlic bulbs in pots and now it has manifested into a full blown vegetable garden.  I am a little worried that I am already a garden snob – as I don’t simply want to grow root or ‘boring’ vegetables like carrots, parsnips and spuds, oh no I want the exotic pak choi for my stir fries, I want rocket and radish and fennel and Chinese cabbage, am I being too ambitious? Am I a garden elitist? For the record, nothing has actually sprouted in the beds yet; despite the fact that I got the very best food-waste compost from a farmer friend but I am assured that I takes more than 2 weeks to see life, not only am I an elitist garden I am also an impatient one!

But its that little thing isn’t it? Life.  My garlic was first to sprout and the thrill I got from watching something that I had planted begin to bloom was profound.  I think its because its Spring too but I am finding pleasure in the small things and trying not to stress the big ones; the budding cherry blossom, a random chicken walking across the yard, life’s little simplicities.  Because, that’s what its all about isn’t it? Life and regeneration. We get caught up with the stresses of life but if you take a step back and just be present with nature all that silly stuff seems to slide away.  Ok enough with the philosophy suffice to say I just love my garden!

 But also one last word about gardening; I think I had a romantic notion of a bit of pruning and clipping and I would have a beautiful, bountiful garden.  Not the case.  It is hard work, hard physical work first off having to manually shovel the top soil and compost into the beds, then trying to work out depths and measurements’ and the correct times for planting. No I have realised with a shock that it is tough work, tough but rewarding, a labour of love- that little sprouting bud makes it all worth it… now as its the season, go forth and garden!

Sprouting Garlic
Mushroom Kit
My Gate

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