Christmas Soup

My mother has recently charged me with the responsibility of making the Christmas soup and trust me that is a BIG daunting responsibility. I come from a family of foodies who are especially picky about soup. Soup is practically a food group in our family; from about September to April, you will always find at least one version of homemade soup in our fridge, possibly 2 kinds. At this moment, in the fridge there is a Moroccan chick pea soup and I have just made this Celeriac batch. I have previously made a roasted butternut squash soup in the hopes of it being the Christmas soup, but unfortunately it didn’t make the cut, very high standards in our house! My family will have 16 for Christmas and St Stephens day so anything I can do to help is welcome. I came across this Celeriac soup recipe on the RTE website after watching an episode of ‘The Restaurant’ where Marty Morrissey the sports presenter got 4 stars for his menu. I have made celeriac soup previously but this version features a curry crème fraiche which adds a lovey zing to the finished product. Tried it out on the brother and father this evening and got the thumbs up, success!!


1 head of Celeriac

4 Rooster Potatoes

1 onion

2 litres stock

Salt & pepper

Curry Crème Fraiche

Tub of crème fraiche

Juice of half a lime

1 tsp curry powder

· Sweat the onions, potatoes and celeriac in olive oil for a few minutes

· Add the stock, bring to a boil then simmer for an hour

· Blend, to serve add a dollop of the curry crème fraiche which you make by combining all the ingredients and seasoning

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