Prawn Cocktail

After a long day today,  I plonked on the couch and turned on my guilty pleasure, 'The Food Network' aka channel 262 which is imprinted in my sky remote, its quite sad. I started watching a programme called 'Mexican food made easy' and the presenter made quesadillas from scratch with a Mexican family then she went back and cooked her own recipe of quesadillas with chorizo, potatoes and cheese. This recipe ignited my interest, number one it looked delicious, two, its relatively easy to cook in a small space and three it ties in with the theme I am thinking of regarding my food truck - gourmet street food from around the world with a few retro comfort foods thrown in! I then got a spurt of energy, maybe invigorated by the programme and cooked dinner for myself and my parents. I made a king prawn cocktail with hard boiled eggs and salad. With the marie-rose sauce I decided to switch things up a bit and thinking of tartare sauce, I added chopped capers and gherkins to the traditional sauce, we ate it with home-made brown bread and butter and a crisp Santa Rita 120 and it definitely hit the spot!

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